Changes to our Small Order Shipping to Canada

Changes to our Small Order Shipping to Canada

Our flat rate shipping option is changing from order value based eligibility to weight based eligibility. But don't worry, not too much will change for you! 

Previously any orders $25.00 or less were able to enjoy the flat rate small order shipping and for the most part, that worked just fine as that was about the max value of an order that could fit in a bubble mailer and still be slim enough to qualify for sending through Canada Post oversized letter mail.

The challenges arose whenever sales were happening. Now we had to try and fit 30-40 dollars worth of product in a bubble mailer and they often were on the cusp of not being eligible to fit in the oversized letter mail.

The other challenge was when our customers wanted to order a lot of smaller baits like the Mighty Mites and Saucy Tails. We can fit a LOT of those in a bubble mailer and still be able to send it the less expensive way, but by using a value based measurement, some customers ended up paying a bit more for a parcel when their order would have easily fit in the oversized letter mail.

The new weight limit for the Small Order eligibility is 300 grams, or 0.3 kilograms. With that weight range you could still get, for example, up to 4 packages of Dipsticks and still be eligible for the small order shipping.

Some people have asked before, "Can't I just make two separate orders and get about fifty bucks worth of stuff shipped for cheap?!". The answer is, yes you could. If you think about it though, it's not any more economical than just using the expedited parcel option since it cost on average, $12.00 to $13.00 dollars anyways, AND you get a tracking number. Same price, better piece of mind.

We hope this helps you understand and appreciate why this change was necessary. If you have any questions or concerns about the small order shipping or any of our products, please contact us here

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