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Meet Our Pro Staff

  • Paddleheads

    Adam and Ben are multi-species anglers and content creators from Central and South-Eastern Ontario. They fish primarily by Kayak or Canoe in Ontario's beautiful backcountry and share their adventures on their YouTube channel.

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  • Jamie Stevenson

    Jamie is from the Great Lakes region of Ontario, where her love of theoutdoors was developed from an early age on the family farm where shegrew up. Farming, hunting, and fishing were always a big part of herlife. But it wasn't until 2018, when she purchased a Hobie Outback,that she found her true passion: fishing from a kayak. She fell inlove with the versatility of kayak angling, with a particular passionfor chasing walleye and bass.

    Jamie competed in her first basstournament with the Ontario Kayak Bass Trail in 2018 and continues tocompete with the circuit learning to fish new lakes in the province.She strongly believes that being outdoors benefits people on manydifferent levels and that kayak fishing is for anglers of any skilllevel. Having completely abandoned fishing from a boat, Jamie nowprefers to hook into trophy fish exclusively from a kayak.

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  • Bradley O'Niel

    Bradley is from a lobster fishing community just outside of Digby, Nova Scotia. He grew up on and around the water, whether it was salt water or fresh, mostly trout fishing with his grandfather in the local streams and ponds. He moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2018 and that’s when he fell in love with smallmouth bass!

    Bradley has been obsessed and trying to beat his PB of 3.5lbs ever since! Now with 2 kids and his wife, Bradley get to share his love and passion for the outdoors with them!

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  • Adam Dezan

    Adam resides in Petawawa, ON with his wife and two young girls that he's looking to share the passion of fishing with. Adam began fishing at a very young age when he mainly fished for Walleye, but soon after, became addicted to Bass fishing.

    He got into kayak fishing roughly 3 years ago after his father-in-law gave him his first kayak and the love for kayak fishing was born. Adam competed in some online and live kayak tournaments in 2022 and plans to enter more in the future. He enjoys the competitive side of fishing, but also loves to just get out on the water and enjoy the outdoors. As a member of a number of kayak fishing communities,

    Adam likes to meet fellow anglers and share his knowledge of fishing. Adam believes there’s always something to learn, regardless of if you’ve been fishing for years or just starting off. 

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  • Alan Crook

    Alan is an avid angler and content creator based in the 1000 Islands region. Having casually fished most of his life, his passion grew during the Covid lockdown, eventually motivating him to begin making videos on his fledgling YouTube channel, Crooked Hooks Fishing. Here he shares his knowledge of tackle and techniques that he hopes to better the average anglers chances of landing a true giant. Preferring the quality bite over the quantity of bites, Alan uses large profile baits to target larger fish, while stressing the importance of mainstay techniques and bait choices. You can see Alan during the season, paddling his Jackson Kayak, in search of the next bite strike.

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  • Jackson Ramey Limestone Lures Prostaff Bio Photo

    Jackson Ramey

    Hey everyone it’s RameyOutdoors! I’m a 22 year old content creator based out of the Southeastern United States and I’m currently in college to be a doctor of physical therapy. Primarily I fish for both trout and largemouth bass but am slowly expanding into other species as well as traveling becomes more available. My primary type of content on Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube is educational style content aimed towards teaching beginner anglers the ins and outs from the ground up while also supplying a more genuine style video showcasing how fishing can be different both from the bank, a small boat, kayak, and eventually from a bass boat and how an angler can adapt these different techniques along the way. All of my socials are the exact same: RameyOutdoors and you can find me on Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, and eventually I will also be making my way to X/Twitter

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  • Seth Staples-Allen

    Seth is an avid bass angler from Mactaquac, New Brunswick. Seth grew up with a passion for the outdoors and began fishing on the Saint John River at a young age. In 2020 Seth was able to take his passion for fishing into the tournament scene, competing on the Hook and Paddle kayak series. Seth developed a love for the sport of tournament fishing, competing on the Hook and Paddle circuit for a
    few years. He was able finish 3 rd overall in the Hook and Paddle bass series, and be crowned champion of the Hook and Paddle Miramichi Striped Bass tournament. From here he set his sights on competing on the various bass tournament series that operate in New Brunswick. In 2022 Seth purchased a bass boat and started chasing that dream. When not fishing tournaments Seth can be found spending his time on
    the Saint John River in search of the next “honey hole” hoping it holds his next trophy bass!

    Seth Staples-Allen on Instagram

  • Matthew Stiles

    Matthew Stiles is currently fishing the New Brunswick Hook and paddle multispecies kayak fishing series. He also competes in the Nova Scotia kayak fishing series along some online tournaments through Kayak Bass Canada. He loves the camaraderie that this sport produces and is eager to pass on his knowledge and is always looking for new friends in the fishing community

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