The Mission

Veteran-owned and operated, the mission at Limestone Lures is to produce high-quality, affordable, and effective fishing lures.

We make our lures in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, with the highest quality materials available to the small bait maker market.

How it started

Limestone Lures was an idea I dreamt up while on deployment with the Canadian Armed Forces to Iraq in 2019.I spent hours with Camel Spiders, Scorpions, Black Mambas, and the threat of terrorist attacks that fortunately didn't happen, thinking about catching fish with soft plastic lures I had made myself.

The Story

When I returned home, I spent even more time researching molds, hand pouring and injecting techniques, and where to buy raw materials. I made my first purchase of molds, tools and materials in May 2020 and not too long after, i tried out the first bait I made.
It was a Molten Lil' Rib Kicker and is the first lure i used to catch a fish. Spoiler alert, it was a small mouth bass out of Lake Ontario that was out of season at the time. I don't have a good picture of it, but I made a Youtube video about that day that you can watch here.
After realizing that the lures I can make actually work and catch fish, Limestone Lures was born! I started selling my lures through word of mouth and on Facebook Market place and soon discovered a real market for good locally-made soft plastics. I've since turned it into a real business that I love and feel passionate about!

Scrappie the Crappie

When I was building my idea for Limestone Lures I knew I had to come up with a fun, but professional logo that people could recognize. The problem is, I'm not a graphic designer and I suck at it as a hobbiest. So I reached out to a friend who IS a graphics designer and hired her to come up with something for me. After a few back and forth sessions, she sent me the logo you see today and told me she came up with the crappie in the image after scouring the internet looking for inspiration. It was actually she who named him Scrappie the Crappie, and I loved it, and that's how our mascot was born!