The Goober Goby: A Bass Magnet

The Goober Goby: A Bass Magnet

When it comes to fishing success, having the right bait can make all the difference. Anglers swear by the effectiveness of the new Goober Goby. In this Bait Spotlight, we'll explore why the Goober Goby is such a fantastic bait, with a special focus on its prowess in attracting the prized smallmouth bass.


Lady O Goober Goby next to a real Round Goby caught from Lake Ontario

The Goober Goby is designed to mimic the appearance of a real goby, a popular prey for many predatory fish species, including smallmouth bass, especially those that are in the Great Lakes gorging on the invasive Round Goby. Its lifelike profile, coupled with eye-catching color options, makes it an irresistible target for hungry fish. Whether it's a slow, gliding motion of a Carolina Rig or the tantalizing flicker of a Drop Shot or Ned Jig, the Goober Goby's lifelike features can trigger aggressive strikes from even the most tight lipped fish.


This single Teal Pumpkin Goober is responsible for putting nearly 20 fish in the net

One of the key reasons why the Goober Goby is favored by anglers is its versatility. Regardless of the water conditions or the time of year, this lure consistently delivers outstanding results. Whether you're fishing in clear waters or murky depths, a ned jig or a dropshot, the Goober Goby remains effective, ensuring that you're well-equipped to reel in the big catch.


Every Goober Goby is hand-poured with precision using premium quality materials

Limestone Lures takes pride in hand crafting premium-quality lures, and the Goober Goby is no exception. Hand poured using the highest quality blend of materials, this bait can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. Fish with confidence knowing that the Goober Goby can withstand bite after bite!


This trophy Smallmouth Bass caught  on a Black w/ Red Flake Goober Goby

Smallmouth bass are renowned for their fighting spirit and cunning behavior. To entice these elusive predators, anglers need a bait that perfectly imitates their natural prey. The Goober Goby's realistic appearance make it tan ideal choice for targeting smallmouth bass. When paired with the right fishing techniques, this life-like bait significantly increases your chances of hooking a trophy

The Goober Goby is a top-tier fishing bait that continues to impress anglers with its effectiveness. Its lifelike design and versatility make it a go-to choice for targeting Large AND Smallmouth Bass. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a beginner, the Goober Goby is sure to become an essential addition to your fishing tackle collection.

Put more fish in the net with the Limestone Lures Goober Goby!

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