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The Duke Custom Series - Golden Perch

The Duke Custom Series - Golden Perch

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Length: 6"


The Duke Custom Series are made to order. Due to the nature of how this pattern is craft, there might be slight variances in your order compared to the picture.

The Custom Series is the same profile as the regular Dukes, but these are carefully and meticulously crafted using hand pour techniques not required for your average swimbait.

The Duke is a big bait made to catch big fish!

Whether your trying to coax a trophy bass into a reaction strike or trigger a bite from Northern Pike and Musky looking for a hearty meal, the Duke gets it done!

Featuring a lifelike holographic eye, made with extra durable plastic suitable for big baits, hand poured in standard colour patterns or meticulously crafted complicated layers, The Duke swims with a lifelike action. The big boot tail catches water and thumps unlike any other swimbait out there!

The Duke can be rigged in a number of ways: 6/0 - 10/0 swimbait hooks are the ideal size to balance weight with hookup ratio or rigged on a big 3/4oz - 1oz jig head for fishing it deeper in the water column. It's heavy enough on it's own to just use a 6/0 - 10/0 EWG hook for the ultimate weedless presentation when your fishing shallow cover!

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