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Limestone Lures

The Phoenix

The Phoenix

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Introducing the Phoenix! All the leftover plastic from regular production, as well as all the baits that had some form of defect out of the mold melted down in one big pot and, like the mythical Phoenix, are reborn again!

All the colors and flake mix and swirl together, often ending up in some form of green, brown or black. The Phoenix is a mystery bait that may sink, float or have a neutral buoyancy!. It might be firmer, or it could be softer.

Because it is such a hodgepodge of left over plastic that otherwise would have gone in the garbage anyways, the Phoenix lures come most of your favorite styles, but at a great discounted price! You can rest easy knowing that by purchasing a Phoenix lure, you've not only saved some money, but also kept some plastic out of the landfill! 

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